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"One of the most wonderful collaborative artists I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She has such a positive energy and such an open mind to the art of making music."

Nathan Brown, tenor



[Johanna is] a pleasure to work with...she is flexible and reliable with a great since of humor. She is talented on the piano. What she is unfamiliar with, she practices. She has a fantastic work ethic with a positive demeanor. Who could ask for more?"

Beth Fritz, choral director

"Any musician knows that collaborating for a performance with no rehearsal can be very
challenging, mainly for the nuances, style of conductor, unspoken tempo changes, etc, etc. Johanna is an impressive musician with a confidence and skill that allows her to adapt to most any situation."

Chelsea Ayres, choral director

"Johanna's sweet and truly collaborative spirit [allowed our] artistic work to flourish! Somehow without any spotlight seeking Johanna was adored by the singers and other instrumentalists. Her power of presence is sweet and affirming. Her musicianship is sensitive with a refined technique. I would love an opportunity to work with her again, as it was complete joy!"

- Mark Lawley, NFHS Outstanding Music Educator 2017, previous ACDA Southwestern president



"Johanna is an absolute joy to collaborate with. She takes the time to really get to know the person she's collaborating with and the repertoire she is collaborating on so she can create something beautiful with you. Johanna is reliable, creative, kind and knowledgeable inside and outside of the performance hall. I'm so grateful to be able to work with her."

Sara Kennedy, soprano



Johanna Stull is one of the most talented collaborative pianists I have ever worked with! She is an excellent sight-reader and is incredibly flexible in style and genre. She provides healthy balance between offering her own artistic perspectives and originality while also taking care to bring out the artistic preferences of the musicians with whom she collaborates...she is both highly capable and highly passionate about her work, which are two keys to making excellent music. I would recommend her to anyone.

Brooklyn Lovelace, soprano

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